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How to Stay Healthy

In today life every one want to stay healthy in this busy life. But he don't know how it will be done. Here I'm telling you how to keep your self healthy. Just follow my few points that will work for you life-time. When you will be fit,then you will do all thing in good way. It will increase your work stamina. Otherwise every time you will live tension life.

It is not necciory to get healthy life by going GYM, taking health Medicines. You can get it without doing this things. Only 5 tips you have to keep in your mind for healthy life-style. Follow my below shedule.

Morning Time

A morning walk is good for health. Every time wake-up at 6 o'clock or wake-up early it's upto you. Go for a walk minimum 20 minut and during walk don,t talk with anyone. Just walk with calm and free mind. During walk time don't use any gadgets or don't listen any song.

After get back to home wait for minimum 10 minuts and then go for bath. Take your breakfast in between 7.30 am to 8.00 am. Take your breakfast according to your profession. If your work is hard then take heavy breakfast and if your work is light then take ligth breakfast.

Lunch Time

Lunch time is break time from your work. Doing 3 to 4 hour work we get tired and lunch time give us some relax. Best lunch time is 1 am to 2 pm. In lunch don't eat outside food if it is possible. Luch time cured, salad, pulses, chicken etc. is best food for health. After finishing your lunch don't drink water immediately. Wait for 10 minuts and then drink water. During lunch in between drink bean water.

Dinner Time

Dinner time is our last eating time. I seen most of the people take their dinner very late and this is not good habbit for health. Take your dinner at 8.00 pm o'clock daily. Your night food should we light and not so much heavy. After finishing your dinner don't drink water immediately, wait for 10 minuts and then drink water. After eating dinner wait for 30 minuts and then go for walk for 10 to 20 minuts. Go for bed at 10.00 o'clock.


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