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How to Create effective Resume.?

A resume describe yourself in front of any interviewer. Resume is the entry point of getting job in any company. Eye catching resume make good impression on interviewer.

In this blog you will learn how to make an effective resume step by step in easy way.


In resume heading start with your name, address and contact details. First add your address, contact details. Then write your name.


Content means your academic details, skills, project, hobbies, achievement etc. Don't add unnecessary content. Only write genuine contents which describe true about yourself. If you're copying content from your friends or from other source make changes in this. Be care full while making copy the content.

Font and Size

For resume font size should be 12pt and font style should be Arial or New Times Roman. The most common font to use is Times New Roman and Arial, in black and size 12 points.


If you want to make your resume colourful then don't use more than 1 or 2 colours. Colour should be of your resume bright. Don't use glitter style colours. All heading colour should be same and content should be same. Set heading colour dark and content should be light.


In qualification add your collage/school name, SSC/HSC/degree, percentage details, location and passing year. If you have gape in your academic then describe it. Because interviewer first ask to you about your academic gape.


Now add your skills. Skills that you have learnt in your degree time. And in which you're specialised. Example: if you are programmer then add your programming language skills etc.

Career Objective

In Career objective add your career goals. Purpose of applying this job. Aim of your life. It something about your thinking.


About Me

In about me describe yourself in short word. Don't write like as a paragraph. Describe yourself in 2 to 3 lines. Only write genuine things about yourself. Avoid to adding family information.


In hobbies write your real hobbies. Before adding any hobbies think carefully and then add it. Whether you like this hobbies or not. Some student use copy paste hobbies. Don't write hobbies in word. Along with word elaborate your hobbies in 1 to 2 lines.


In language add your languages which you speak, read and write.


Achievements is about what you have achieved from childhood to your current now. In Achievement your participation of in any games, sports etc come.


If you are fresher then write experience as a fresher. If you have experience then add your experience details, like how much experience you have, company name, your role in past organization etc.

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