Features of Java.

The main reason behind creation of java is to overcome the problems of Structured Oriented Programming Language. People who using Structured Oriented Programing facing many problems. Like security issues, no code reusability, no exception handling, no strong boundary check etc. So Sun Microsystem come up with new programing language called Java.


Java is simple because there is no new sysntax. All syntax come from C and C++ programming language whcih we have already learnt. Just you have to remember the syntax of C and C++ programming.


Java is very strong language because it has strong boundary check. It provide better exception handling of variable mechanism. Some points are given below.

Object Oriented

Java follow the object oriented programming paradigms (Paradigms mean rules). Object-Oriented Programming is a methodology or paradigm to design a program using classes and objects.

Platform Independent

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Distributed computing involves several computers working together on a network. Java is designed to make distributed computing easy. Since networking capability is inherently integrated into Java, writing network programs is like sending and receiving data to and from a file.


Multithread programming is smoothly integrated in Java, whereas in other languages you have to call procedures specific to the operating system to enable multithreading.


Portable mean you can carry your java ( .class ) file one machine to another machine. Because java ( .class ) file does not contain any machine information. You can run your java file on any system.

Architecture Neutral

Write once, run anywhere With a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), you can write one program that will run on any platform.

High Performance

Java have 2 compiler to execute the program. That's why performance is high.


In java servlet are used to develop dynamic web application.


JRE: Java Runtime Environment. Java program run in JRE environment. Any code enter in JRE become byte code, because it use own runtime environment which only execute byte code only. Only JRE understand the byte code.

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