What is Java.?

Java is a programming langauge developed by Sun Microsystem Corporation. Java is a General Purpose, class based, object oriented, Platform independent, portable, Architecturally neutral, multithreaded, dynamic, distributed, Portable and robust interpreted Programming Language.

History of Java

Java Programming Language was written by James Gosling along with two other person 'Mike Sheridan' and 'Patrick Naughton', in May 20, 1995. While they were working at Sun Microsystems. Initially it was named oak Programming Language.

Why Java?

Java enables users to develop and deploy applications on the Internet for servers, desktop computers. The future of computing is being profoundly influenced by the Internet, and Java promises to remain a big part of that future. Java is the Internet programming language.

What is Java technology and why do I need it?

JDK Release Version

JDK Editions

Java Standard Edition (J2SE)

J2SE can be used to develop client-side standalone applications or applets.

Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE)

J2EE can be used to develop server-side applications such as Java servlets and Java Server Pages.

Java Micro Edition (J2ME)

J2ME can be used to develop applications for mobile devices such as cell phones.

Popular Java IDEs

Places where Java is used

Java is implemented over a number of places in modern world. It is implemented as Standalone Application, Web Application, Enterprise Application and Mobile Application. Games, Smart Card, Embedded System, Robotics, Desktop, etc.

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