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How to Make Window 10 Desktop Cool

In this Tutorial you will learn how to make Window 10 more Attractive.

First you need to change your Window 10 gray theme to black theme.

Click here to Change the Theme of Window 10

Step 1.

Download the Rainmeter Software from below link and Install it by double click.

Download Rainmeter 3.2 Beta

Step 2.

After instalation of Rainmeter, Download the Rainmeter Skin from below link and Install it by double click. Both Skins are Required to Make desktop more attractive.

Download Rainmeter Skin White.G_0.1

Download Rainmeter Skin Circulo Meter

Install the both Skin of Rainmeter.


Download the same Wallpaper as show in image from below link.

Download Street Wallpaper

Step 4.

After performing Step 1,2,3 now click on System Tray Icon Area. It locate Right Side Corner of the Desktop. Click on the Upper Arrow Icon and See your Rainmeter Icon as shown in the image below.

Right Click on Rainmeter Icon→Skins→White.G→Menu as shown in image above.


Now see your Final Ouput. How your Desktop look like after Performing all the Steps.

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