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Browser keyboard shortcut keys.

Shortcut keys is easier way of navigating and executing any commands in browser. You can even work on your browser withought the mouse. It make your work very easy and fast. Here is the some useful shortcut key related to browser. This shortcut work with every browser in window OS. Below is a list of all browser shortcut keys.

Shortcut Keys Description
Ctrl + T To open the New Tab.
Ctrl + W To close the current Open Tab.
Ctrl + Shift + T To Reopen the Closed Tab.
Ctrl + C To copy the selected text.
Ctrl + V To paste the copied text.
Ctrl + X Cut the selected text in browser addressbar or in textbox.
Ctrl + P Print the current page
Ctrl + A Select the all text in current page.
Ctrl + S To save the current Web page.
Ctrl + D Bookmark the current webpage.
Ctrl + J To open the browser download window.
Ctrl + Zoom the current web page.
Ctrl - Zoom out the current page.
Ctrl + Tab Switch between the Tab in serial order.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch back to previous Tab.
Ctrl + H To open the Browser History.
Home Goes to beginning of document and goes to starting of text.
End Goes to end of current line and goes to end of the page.
Shift + Home Highlights from current position to beginning of line.
Shift + End Highlights from current position to end of line.
Ctrl + Shift + W Close the opera browser.
Ctrl + Shift + Q Close the browser.
F11 View the page in Full screen Mode.
F12 To open the inspect element.
Ctrl + U View the shource code of page.
Ctrl + F Find in the current page.
Ctrl + Shift + B To show the Bookmark bar.
Ctrl + Shift + O Open the Bookmark Manager.

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