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How To Download YOUTUBE Video

In this Tutorial you will learn HOW TO DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDEO without any Software in any System. Just follow the below Steps and Enjoy our Cool Tricks.

Step 1.

Open Your Browser Like(Opera, Chrome, etc..) any of them and Open YouTube Website in Browser.

Step 2.

Search any Video on YouTube. Open your Video, When you open your Video the Url will change in Address Bar of the browser. Now your Actual task Start here.

Step 3.

Now you have to do some Changes in your Address Bar Url. Just click in Address Bar and remove the https://www. words. After removing the these(http://www.) words, type pwn word before the your YouTube word and press enter.

Example :

Before any Changing, Link was looking like as shown below.

After Changing your link look like as below link.

Now press enter. You will directed to new website. According to your need choose Any of the Link to download Video or mp3.

Avobe is the new Website link, where you are redirected.

Download Video by Clicking on any link.

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