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How to Hack open Facebook Account

Here i am telling to you how to hack open Facebook account just in few minut. This trick only work on Open Facebook account. For experiment you need to login in your account. You can apply this trick on your facebook account for experiment.

Step 1.

1. Find any Open Facebook account. Today mostly people not Log out there Facebook account. So find Open Facebook account.

2. Type Hacked word in address-bar after the Like as below image.

3. When you press enter after typing the Hacked word, a new page will open. Now just follow the image step.

4. Now click on Continue button.

5. Now you will see Change Password page. Change the password. This step is main Hacking step.

6. In next page click on Skip button.

7. Now your step is complete. Just click on the Go to News Feed.

8. Finally Facebook account Hacked.

Always keep in your mind, this trick only work on Open Facebook account. So always try to find Facebook Logged in account.

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